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"Even then, the evening was almost stolen by Rosalind Plowright as the old Baroness. It isn't a large part, and she never tried to upstage or outshine anyone - indeed, she often barely moved - but it was impossible to take one's eyes off this great artist." OPERA Magazine - Jan 2017

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"This interview from the Daily Telegraph was written a decade ago and rather amusingly I say in the last paragraph that I could go on singing for another decade. Well that decade is now up......what to do?? I am not sure how many of my colleagues feel the same as me but us singers need this like some sort of drug and as long as we still have our voices and are being offered the work we go on until we drop!! Here's to the next decade! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/3663172/Singer-on-a-rollercoaster.html"

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